Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Yellowstone National Park 2

The next day we decided to hike around the Yellowstone canyon area. Yellowstone gets its name from the yellow stones laced with rusting Iron (not Sulfur as you would think) that can be found all over the park and which are seen in all their glory in the Yellowstone canyon. The canyon also boasts other colors of this rusting Iron in oranges, pinks etc. The colors emerge when the Iron is cooked in the hydrothermal cauldron that is Yellowstone. The canyon is made by the mighty Yellowstone river which falls into the canyon along two falls call the lower and upper falls unimaginatively.

Here are some pictures of the canyon and the falls.

Along the way, we also saw some wonderful rainbows. One was due to the mist blown by the falls and another the traditional one due to the rainy weather.

I leave you with some random photos from the park, including some of the rivers and creeks which are just lovely. I have had the privilege of swimming in these rivers, along the confluence of the hot spring water and the cold river water. Its one of those feelings that remains with you for life.

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  1. Wow! This place is awesome! Btw, did u capture a freaking rainbow or just flick it from the net?